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My name is Beny Wilson and I offer local guides and professional services to those wishing to learn more about the bounty of natural wonders of the jungles of Panama.

With 1022 species of birds in a country smaller than the state of South Carolina, Panama is an ideal destination to enjoy the beauty and joy that the birds of the rainforest give us!

PANAMA is home to 286 mammals, 229 reptiles, 1005 birds, 197 amphibians and over 12,000 vascular plants. 42% of all land territory still forested. 35% of the country protected in over 100 parks. By far the most biologically diverse country in Central America.

Birdwatching, Nature Hikes, Nature Photography, Snorkeling, Whale Watching, Nocturnal Nature Safaris, Photo Safaris. From Darien to Bocas Del Toro, Chiriqui to Coiba and The Pearl Islands: Panama is my playground.

"Benny is a master bird guide and a humorous companion. With Benny's help, we saw rarities such as Spectacled Parrotlet, Red-billed Schythebill, Aplomado Falcon and Ocellated Antbird. Benny worked tirelessly to help us see as many species as possible..."

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